Sunday, 18 June 2017

Liquid mupirocin for chronic sinusitis.

ASL Pharmacy[R], a compounding pharmacy that specializes in

formulating medications for the sinuses, announces the availability of

compounded mupirocin liquid for topical sinus use in patients with

chronic sinusitis. Until now, mupirocin has typically been available

only in ointment form. ASL's compounded mupirocin liquid does not

contain the other ingredients found in the ointment; it only contains

pure mupirocin, sterile water, and sterile saline.


For nasal irrigation, ASL's premixed unit-dose vials may Sprinkler System Installation be

used with a NeilMed[R] bottle or any other irrigation device,

eliminating patients' need to dissolve ointment in water. The

liquid mupirocin mixes instantly w ith no shaking or Sprinkler Installation Denton mess, and it is

compatible with other medications mixed in saline immediately before

nasal irrigation. Physicians may order specific medication combinations

as clinically indicated. Such combinations are easy for patients to mix

in their irrigation devices and administer. Because this sterile

compound is prepared in premixed unit-dose vials, it may be used either

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for sinus irrigation or sinus nebulization.

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